Summary Damage & Squad Damage are different. Why?

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Hi guys,


Me and my friends has been playing a lot of Blackout these past two days on PC, and there is something that is bothering us quite a bit.

A minor detail, but none the less quite annoying :-). 

Since i can not find anything on google about this, and not even on FAQ, I will ask here :-)


When you play a Solo game in Blackout, and you finish the game either by dying or winning, you will get a summary of your game, with kills etc.

In the summary screen, you will see the amount of damage that you have done.


The same thing will be shown when you play in a squad/duo, BUT there is also a Squad tab, where the damage done is entirely different, and almost half of the damage show in the summary tab.

So for example, if my damage in the summary tab in squad/duo mode is 1500, then the damage in the Squad tab, is around 750.


Can anyone explain this? Is it a bug? Which damage is your real damage done ingame, summary or squad tab?

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Squad tab is the correct one. It seems like summary is literally x2 of your actual dmg (check the math next time you play). It seems like a bug cuz it literally makes no sense. So for solos your damage is actually half of what the score screen says. (I believe the average dmg in your barracks is also doubled for some reason....)

Maybe they just want to make everyone feel like they're good right after launch Smiley Very Happy

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