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HA, I'm a Legend in my own mind as well!


I haven't shot down a Strike Team with Rockets in months so I'm not sure how many now days (I haven't shot down anything other than a UAV or CUAV with Rockets in months).  In the beginning it was about 4 (The first one went to the countermeasures) and if you weren't carrying extra Rockets the next two just softened it up.  By then the team was on the ground.


If I hear there is a Streak coming in and I don't already have my Titan in hand, I'll switch to one of my Titan classes, then change specialists and like magic I'm rockin' and rollin'!  I used to jump off the map to change classes but it doesn't work so well unless you are at the edge of it.  It's just as handy in that case. 


Now I will be honest.  If I'm a kill or two away from my Supply Drop...that streak becomes somebody else's problem.  At least for the time being.


Sorry but, sometimes it has to be all about ME!  


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Exactly. Especially in my world of TDM.


When I get streaks lined up...I'll check to see if there's a zero on the other team. If there is, I'll wait a minute or so to see if they call it in, If they don't typically I'll say screw it and call it in


You can sort of gauge if they would have their hack ready based on their score If they are a lesser player and at the bottom of the leaderboard not doing much of anything they won't get it until about 75-85% of the way through the game just being average (as most players are)

A better player who's using Zero and sitting up at the top of the LB can (well at least I can) get the Hack twice in a TDM match especially if you use your EMP nades properly you can have a field day.

Most Zeros instantly call in their ability as is anyways.

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