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In bo4 many people get irratated when most of us want a sniper only game but then 1 peraon comes along and makes it a tryhard lobby this really puts us of to play bo4 so would you pls conside making a sniper only game mode and if the bo4 audience accepts pls make it permanent.

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It's been tried before as well as making game modes where certain attachments on weapons (ones people felt were broken or unfair) couldn't be used, certain perks etc couldn't be used.

The issue is...they do this and it's only partially active, at least not active enough for them to warrant keeping it in the game. Sure a handful of people would play it, but when it comes down to it most of the people who Quick Scope and do various other things like to do it in core lobbies because those few times they get kills doing it they know it annoys the person they did it too.

I'm all for it. I'm all for sticking little chunks of the community into their own world. Most of the maps in the previous few cods barring 1-2 maps potentially were even good for ACTUAL sniping or *hard scoping noobs* as I'm always called so there's no real need to even have them in the core modes.
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I can assure you if they would of fixed the network issues, those new lobbys would be packed.  Players that obviously have other games they can play besides COD are not going to stick around waiting for vital updates.  A sniper lobby would be awesome.

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This could be true....or it couldn't be true the only real data we have about it people on social media clamoring for it

Meanwhile anytime they actually add in a specific game mode based on social media wishes.......

BO1 they made a lobby specifically based on things people were complaining about (Ghost, Rapid Fire to name the 2 main things off the top of my head) That were made non functional in the could select them but they simply wouldn't show up and it'd be a wasted selection.

It was played a little bit but no where near what the number of people complaining were....mostly I believe because the people complaining about those things in core....tended to also use them because they tended to be the better options for the most part so when they started dying without them they'd leave.


I think most quick scopers enjoy playing in core because they know it annoys players and they get a little rush by pulling off some nice shots if they are capable of doing so. I think most of them would end up going back to core with their snipers in the long run because it's not nearly as enjoyable just running around in an entire lobby of quick scopers. It's not like the majority of them are actually doing it for the purpose of leveling up and prestiging. They are more then welcome to set up those lobbies in a private match with friends.


AW added one for a little bit but I can't comment on how full it was as I didn't play AW too much.

BO3 also had a sniper only mode for a little bit but it didn't seem to take them away from the core modes.


I don't disagree that there would be people who love a snipers only mode to be permanent, but I think whether most of them admit it or's not about facing off against other's just about the act of quickscoping and when it's a lobby full of 99% 1 shot kill weapons it's not nearly as enjoyable for them compared to going up against players who have to it you multiple times before you can die while you just have to hit them once from any range.

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And than other people want a lmg free playkist, no nades playlist, no scorestreaks playlist, no special abilities playlist, playlist with UAV and 2 other streaks for everbody like in mw and WaW, old school playlist where you can pick up perks,  etc etc etc.



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Sniper only game mode?

I get bored and infuriated when my game modes don't make it to the points limit..

Imagine trying to get to 200 with sniper only mode and 10 minutes... Most games will finish 6-5
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The only plus to that mode would be it would help me with my sniper aim.
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Please do


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