Please Rethink the Black Ops Pass

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The Black Ops pass is not a smart decision for the new Call of Duty. Call of Duty as a franchise need to start competing with other big games, for example, Fortnite. But the Black Ops pass and the way they are releasing the new Blackout mode needs to be fixed. The player base is going to drop dramatically if they do not have an easy way to get new guns and cosmetic items and is pretty much the same base game and concept we have been playing for the past decade. Blackout could be a great way to get new players, but it should not come with the base game, it needs to be free. It could have crates, cosmetic items, etc. but the $60 price tag is not the way to go. With the Black Ops pass if you are going to pay 40 extra dollars you need to get the DLC guns and some cosmetic items for free, this will bring players back to the game, and maybe even give more than just 4 players for the Blackout mode. This years Call of Duty could bring back the big player base and viewing that we all know and love but they need to do it right, and the Black Ops pass the way it is right now is just going to kill the game. I am tired of seeing such great games decline, Call of Duty is what brought me into gaming adn I would hate to see it die. But I so still believe in Treyarch and thaty they can do this Smiley Happy 

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