People teaming up in Solo Blackout

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Hunger Games I don't think so but that's why there's duals and  squads.

Solo is everyone versus everyone 


They are going to lose people and i know it old but something got to change 




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Isn’t that saying, let’s all start cheating??

I don’t understand why you think it’s just part of the game, do you cheat?

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Why can't Activision just leave it on quads or duos cause there's aloooooota people teaming up. I had a squad of 3 ambush me now. Twice. 

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I encounter a team of three!!! please do something!!

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Cheats ruin the game. It has happened to me multiple times in solo, I have now lost count! They need to remove spectators (make the last person killed only view killcam). 

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Teaming up in Solo.png

You can see this person teaming up in a solo match. So many cheaters this days T_T

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Is it cheating if you have no idea who the person is? If you don’t even have them on your friends list?


I like to put down a gun whenever I encounter someone without one and I can easily blow them away. It builds a mutual respect. You have zero way of keeping track of the player, so if you lose him, you’ll probably kill each other eventually.


I wouldn’t say this is cheating. You give a random, defenseless person a chance.

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Treyarch succeded to make it the most social cod to date. Only not in the way they intended.

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today in blackout solo i fond out 2 where teaming up and when i kill 1 off then the one that is death was giving info where i was to his teammate to kill me and sadly for both off then i have report both off then since its a solo and not duo's and i hope treyarch will block voice chat from all solo blackout match's since its getting annoying.

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here we go teaming guys, full record of it on my youtube channel, treyarch dont care


i send a support ticket, forum post, all i get replied by, is we cant force people to shoot everyone, ofc is unsportslike, unfair +++


but the main reason i guess its treyarch own fault, they block/ disable modes, sometimes quad is gone, next is DUO gone or SOLO, but myself, i want to play with my friends, if they are here, if they are not here i want to play SOLO.


well, i never saw a 4-player-teaming in duo, but i know alot of teamers in solo, tbh if you are good, you can deal with it, i also did, i also won quads by myself (no teammates)

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