No quad or solo mode for blackout. Im all the way in south Africa. Anyone info welcomed

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It's not their fault there aren't enough people in your region to play all 3 modes.

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There is basically only Quads available now, since they took away solos now.  Duos exist, but no one plays it, so you can't load into a server.  The only way you can play solos now is to go into custom games, but none of that crap counts, so why bother?  BRING BACK SOLOS!  Way to make an unpopular game even worse! 

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I'm not sure if anybody actually addressed "why" there are so few modes for places like South Africa, so that's all I'm here to post.


In places with lower player counts, fewer modes exist. This is an attempt to round up everybody in one playlist. I'm not saying it is the right thing to do, and I'm most definitely not standing up for Treyarch, as I feel they have approached multiplayer with very little care this year, but there's not much they can do if there aren't enough people playing the game. 

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Don't get the option to change between solo, duo and quads since update 7/012019.

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Bro I'm still getting this problem and it gets me upset everytime, because I paid 60usd for a game and I can only play solo in that game. I actually stopped playing black ops 4 all together and started playing pubg. What a waste of money!!!

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Just wait until something like this happens to you know it alls, then we'll see who pi55es in their pants and throws their toys. 

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Hi it’s not just in South Africa I am in the Caribbean and have the same problem since the last update no Quads or Solo only Duos. Probably a bug in the update I hope they are working on a fix.

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Here In Medellín, Colombia the same. Some friends with the same ISP and location can access to SOLO and QUADS playlist, but other like me cannot.

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shameful! I bought the game to play with my friends, only duo is unacceptable.

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