No quad or solo mode for blackout. Im all the way in south Africa. Anyone info welcomed

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Yeah, I bought the game to squad up with my mates. Now we are forced to play separately in the only option available.. Duos. Meh. This is not fun and I'm completely disappointed in the developer decision to ruin the game for so many. I never waited longer than 10 seconds to find a game in blackout. Why did you guys remove our choice???? "unacceptable.

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Another two that don't know how to change game modes.  

1. turn on game

2. highlight blackout (actual word not the picture)

3. select choose playlist

4. select solo, duos, quads

5. enter whatever mode you want

6. be in the first 10 to die, because your obviously to dumb to even figure out by yourself how to change game modes. 

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Same hereUntitled.png

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Guys...all 3 options are available.  Scroll over to where it says 'duos' and click on it.  Then change it to 'solo' or 'quads'.  

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Your obviously not from South Africa you ignorant A$$. First solos and duos were removed now solos and quads are removed. And it's only for us please explain that...

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Maybe because nobody gives a crap about South Africa 🤔

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Yeah, do you really think I haven't tried to select the other modes??? It doesn't work in SA. Gives error... Hence FORCED to only play Duos.


Such a lots of horse excrement.

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Maybe because theyre simply arnt enough players to fill all 3 game modes.. not their fault..

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Sorry to inform you. You are the idiot. In some regions Activision is currently running what they refer to as a featured mode in blackout. There is no choice. When you complete your listed step 3, the only option to select is duos. Has been that way for many people since the last patch. So.e from the patch before.

So next time get the facts before mouthing off like an idiot
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