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So i've been trying out Black Ops for a bit now, give it a far chance and all like i do with all games. And even though i was never the most die hard COD fan and this game doesn't have an actual story mode like Black Ops 3 did. Its a fairly decent game.


I've also noticed they seem to be trying to caker to everyone in this single game, normal modes like all the others had, Zombie mode, and Battle Royale mode. So why not add one more mode, a mode that may of us have been hoping they readd? Talking about the old 3rd person mode.

Just like the others made it a whole seperate mode from the others. They already have everything else, why not?

If your gonna try to please everyone put every style in right?

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Or a mode that tells a story. So the mp makes sense.

That you can play solo or co-pp

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Agreed, i find myself going back to Black Ops 3 a lot for the co-op story.
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My better half works in the Co Op

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