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My biggest dislike about the game is I can't put my favorite attachments on the guns I like, I know y'all said the reason for doing that is to give each gun it's on personality but  it should be up to the player to give a gun the personality we won't it to have not one you forcing me to create, because soon it will be only a few guns that will be used which will make y'all nerf certain attachments to the point they don't work which will eventually have players leave the game,  it's alot y'all did right so far the second week of the beta so I have faith in the game I just hope y'all can give all the guns all the attachments and give each one a different operation mod which would give it that individual identity y'all looking for.

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If thats your biggest problem with this game then your doing MUCH better then 90 % of us !!

This game is a pile of dog $hit hands down !!

I should have trusted my gut on this one !!

There is NO COLOR in this game, BO3 is a masterpiece compared to this in graphics !!!

Screwed up menu system, picking a class has become a royal pain in the a$$.

I mean really ??  WTF ???

TTK is all over the place ??

Man i could go on for a day with my dislikes !!!

The way i see it is 3 years of $HIT games in the series !! 

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