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*****ing trash all new maps please and just make new ones


horrible designs, way too big and dumb


who highered the development team for this game



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Dude, I absolutely respect your right to voice your displeasure, and encourage you to do so in the future; but you're going about it all wrong. .


As for who hires the devs: the publisher. This should be common knowledge. In this case, Activision. 


As for the maps; to each their own. I personally hate Arsenal Sandstorm, and Frequency, but that doesn't make them bad maps just because I do not enjoy them.


Can I ask you a serious question, that is not meant to be funny or sarcastic, but is there anything you do like about this game? Every one of your posts are about not liking this, or not liking that, and that's fine. However, even posters who are more negative than you seem to find at least one thing they like.


Maybe you're just doing it to try to make some of the other forum members laugh, but if they're laughing, they're easily entertained. 

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I kinda second this opinion. I usually know if it's his post it's just negative across the board.

There are certain maps that are just utter trash that the community agrees (Downturn MW3 I think it was in) That High Rise remake (the falling down building) there's a few others I can't think of at the moment.

Hell Jungle used to be one of my most hated maps but that was because of the game it was in and it was a campfest of a game and they were given the best view point on the whole map. Now I love it.
With that being said. I've purchased the vast majority of maps through out cods life cycle bar I think 2 games because I just didn't enjoy the game enough to buy them or at the very least didn't play it enough.

But the general rule of thumb to me for map packs. Is at most there will be 2 maps that are decent the other 2 will be throwaways if I'm lucky. Usually it only 1 of the 4 maps.

Now with less maps in each "map pack" I actually think the odds have gotten worse somehow for it being a good map. Of this most recent pack I only like WMD but I also liked that map back in BO1 the other new ones are meh. and I absolutely hated the first map pack. I didn't install the 2nd batch of maps nor do I have interest in them.

If I could uninstall the first set I 100% would but I'm physically not able to remove the Season Pass from my console or I would. I tried and it still keeps it on the system so I'm stuck with any maps I download.

As much as you rant and rave about this game I honestly think you're masochistic at this point.
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Oh, trust me, I've hated plenty of maps. However, if I were vocal here about hating any certain maps. I would try to explain why. 

I'll be brutally honest, and mean no disrespect by the following statement (that's always the precursor to something offensive) in my mind right now,I assume he hates the maps because he sucks at the maps. I know that was the case for me. If I couldn't figure it out, the map sucked, not me.


Also. I didn't buy the pass, so I'm curious what makes them so bad. 

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Artifact is very big. It's snipers heaven.


Masquerade is very unbalanced due to the structure in the middle.


WMD is just WMD.


The mappack before that, I only got to play lockup once and casino never. That is my main problem with the mappacks,. is that they never come up. If it were up to me I would rather have them make the mappacks free at this point so the people that did actually pay for the mappacks actually get to play them. 


I think what we are seeing now is that Treyarch is forced to stay with the small 3 lane maps for launch as these are generally used in E-Sports and when it comes to the mappacks we simply see more freedom. On Casino for example that map is much more complex and there is a lot of strategies possible.

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Lock up, Casino, WMD, Masquerade & Artifact(Which is spelt incorrectly and should be a warning sign) would play better with teams of 6 as they are so large. With only 5 per team there is a lot of time in beetween finding the enemy. I'd hate to see how a game of SnD goes on Masquerade. On Artefact I'm pretty sure you can get a kill the entire length of the map.


I liked the first game of WMD but again I have played that map and remember the flow of it. The older version played better with 12 players. Playing HC DOM it seems all you need to do is get upstairs in the centre building and spawn kill for 5 minutes - the spawn never flipped because no enemies "near" it. Repeat in round 2.


I'm not sure if any of the maps are set in conflict settings as nothing is on fire, demolished or any trace of a gunfight. As there is no campain to link any of the maps it seems like they pick out settings for a map based on it's name. The reasoning seems to be: Prison  setting....mmmm...lock up. Contraband....mmmm.... pirate island. Done. Now what mDLC can you add to that?


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I'm fine with everything you said but i'll be nit picky.

How exactly is Artifact spelled in the game.

I'm fairly certain it's supposed to be a dig site of sorts vs Artefact unless we're going with that entire area is "a man made experiment"

Also from what I've gathered.

They are usually considered to be the same thing the only real difference is preference IE. The Brits tend to use Artefact while none British English uses Artifact. Sort of like Color and Colour
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Casino is one of the most visually pleasing maps I've seen but I don't like playing it.  Too many dang side doors...


Artifact is an ugly map in my opinion but as it's been said it's a Sniper's Map.  I go as far out to the waters edge as I can and lay down with a Thermal Paladine.  You can see a lot of Real Estate from there and get some insanley long shots.  Still ugly map...


Masquerade is pretty colorful but it's just too cluttered.  Always having to run around stuff.  I just go camp the room at the far end of the Marketplace, throw out some Mesh Mines and...wait.


WMD looks like you might expect a Factory type map to look.  For me there is just too much...Factory.

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