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That sort of time commitment to play that much is something that only children have.

I'm 28, I'm pretty solid at the game always have been good at COD. I could NEVER put in the sort of hours I did when I was 16-17-18 Years old. It just simply isn't an option.

I strictly play TDM. It takes on average... 4-6 Matches To earn a reserve crate and probably around the same to go up a tier in the battle pass (excluding the free tier for the first win)

30-40Mins per Crate/Tier is basically all I have time to do. However it's designed to be that way to encourage spending of money on the game.

Yes there are exceptions to the rule in terms of being able to play all the time. It's like the FIFA kids who go "well it's not hard to play all the time and earn coins and trade on the side"

Let me just ignore school/work to make sure I'm able to do some trading in the few spare minutes I have during a day, sure when I get a weekend off from work/homework. I'd love to spend ALL DAY LONG playing a video game. It's not worth it in the long run.
I do about 60-70 Hours worth of in and out of class time for homework and such on a weekly basis, the last thing I'm concerned about is sitting around for hours on end playing a game.

My QTs are 59 days long. I have 10 Theory days to start this one off...leaving 49 Days to do 40 individual projects and 2 practicals and 2 "finals".

It's all a time commitment thing. If you want sit around for hours on end playing a game, great for you. Most adults don't do that unless it's their job or the weather is complete crap and they have nothing else to do during the day. You'll feel the same way once you get into the real world I can assure you (in before I am in the real world response, you aren't spending as many hours as you'd have to spend in order to earn those crates and are doing anything more than high school/college education)
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People that play zombies a couple hours a day and some MP do not earn many cases. You play the game for fun in modes you enjoy. Your odds of getting a weapon from a case are over 1100:1 Your odds of getting a weapon from an ultra weapon bribe that costs $20 in a bundle is 1:1. The weapons in reserves are top tier, and there are ranged one shot kill secondary weapons that do not require attachments. Pay your time or pay your money. It is pay to win, period.

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TLDR version of this example I always use.

If you wanted to earn enough coins to buy a decent player in FIFA you'd have to commit about 8 Days worth of real world time to obtain 600k Coins.
12 min matches. 600ish coins a match assuming you win and max the coins out.

That's excluding spending coins on consumables/packs.

Most go well you can do trading too. Ok well that still involves coins/opening packs and sitting there on the internet/phone all day finding out what's selling for peak coins.
Younger in school kids usually have the time. If earning crates was a thing back in COD4/MW2/MW3 I'd have easily obtained all weapons in a matter of days no problem. These days no chance.

I maxed out MW3 Prestige (before they added the extra 10) in 6 Days it was just non stop gaming. In order to rack up those sort of crate numbers would require a similar amount of play time and 0 social life at all and they are the exception not the rule.
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Stupidest post out there. Pay-to-win means being able to spend real money to get an advantage on other players. Can you buy the loot boxes and get an advantage, yes, then it is pay-to-win. You sir are just illinformed or need op loot box guns to be good.

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