Is the Black Ops pass the season pass%3F

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I need to know if the Black Ops pass for Black Ops 4 is the season pass or not.

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Pretty much. But I would recommend not buying it. This type of stuff isn't viable in the current market. And buying it just shows them that it's ok when it's not.

Fyi this is the ww2 forum. Not the bo4 forum.

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But don't buy it. 


Activision has made a big mistake how they're dealing dlcs and other pay to gain items 

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Yes and as I have stated before, Activision needs to include DLC with the base price of the game like Overwatch, Titanfall, and BFV. DLC devides the community making a small group even smaller. It is a failing business model and needs to be revised. Raise the price of the game to $89 and include everything other than bonus cosmetics and perhaps in store currency. This will make them more money overall while keeping the community together for quicker matches in content everyone can play. And while we are at it, cross platform should be a demand at this point from consummers as well. 

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