Hopefully their game is better than their website.

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Because this website is garbage.

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Prepare to be disappointed.

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There's a higher possibility of $100 US bills falling from the sky than a decent treyarch game. 

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Nope. Second beta weekend for me -> Playing for 2 hours now. IMO this game is an epic fail.


Besides horrible lag its a copy & paste job from formerly BO´s.


I dont go any deeper, this is just my opinion...Better you build your own opinion...

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@_Damnion_ wrote:

Because this website is garbage.

Well don't know if you've played bo4 but there is a theme of continuity going on !!

Trust me, the website is better then the game by a long shot !!

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Completely disagree. This game is a lot better than the last 2 years of IW and WW2. Leaps and bounds better. 

I know, I know, you're just mad because you can't kill people with spray and pray. You actually have to hold your gun on target for more than a tenth of a second to get a kill. Go play WW2 ... it's better suited for people with ***** accuracy. 


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After 2 rounds, my first impressions....  I picked TDM in menus, got kill confirmed.  Picked a chick with a pistol loadout, start round with a sub machine gun and no pistol.  Try to back out of game after 2nd round to try to get into TDM again, can't find the exit match option.  Alt + F4 and uninstall.

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