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That’s why it would work, more realistic. Less jumping, running across wide open terrain. More skill would be required, you would have to be intelligent. By not allowing everyone to know your position and actually using cover. Yeah  no jumping on roof top cuz everyone would see ya and snipe the fool.  

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There is intelligent life out there after all...

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Well, fortunately you are completely wrong. Core versus Hardcore... you can't really compare them because HC takes a more strategic approach in my opinion because you don't get all of the HUD luxuries that core gets and instead of packing on an assload of armor and sensor darts and much much more- HC requires more skill and the absolute need to play smart and on top of everything - in HC- it is wayyyyyy harder to camp because the storm closes in SIGNIFICANTLY quicker, so you really have to be on your toes. But nice try with attempting to express an actual valid argument- I'm sorry, but it just didn't work, At All!
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this is a comumunity of opinions, if u like, respect them hate this mode, is simple.
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Your also a forum troll.  Possibly even a bot.  NOT A GAMER.

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