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Be nice if cod got rid of fill


no point putting us in games where its overly one sided


regardless people joining will leave cause its bs

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The alternative is waiting more and playing less.  If there's no hope of winning the game, there also no pressure to try and win the game.  Do something fun that you normally wouldn't, try a new weapon, whatever.

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All the devs have been pretty clear on this subject.

It's not plausible.

There's no determination of how the lobby is going before joining.

I've been throwing into just as many out of hand lobbies as I have been matches at 0-0 just after everyone else spawned/or incredibly early in the match. They've said it would just cause issues, The general rule is you join the "best" lobby as quick as possible otherwise you could around for minutes waiting to find a match that hasn't started yet.

It doesn't happen that often. Usually my first match or 2 are in progress matches but if I do a session it's almost always a match from the beginning no issue. You greatly increase your chances of being thrown into one sided matches when you constantly leave them.
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