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Life philosphy use to be


”show me how well a nation is by showing me their jails”





”show me how a nation is, by watching how people sct and play on a open world video game”



 xD a lot of scrubs, cheats, and hackers out there

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I agree. Ban may be harsh but , there are so many people using it and dominating league play.


When it's a team of 5 all using it, it's near impossible to win. But when it is just 1 or 2 it's totally doable with a solid squad. Just reset classes and let's move on to fair gameplay!  Please!

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It's not patched. I see more and more people using them everyday.


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is this on consol or pc? what is the basis for the glitch (i.e. how do they do it?) and how can you tell a player is doing it?
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if you die watch kill cam look at there weapon loadout it will display (Default attachment).

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It will show "Customized" if they are using every attachment and the operator mod aswell. 


It'd be great if we didn't have an unpolished BETA 8 months AFTER a full release. 

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