DLC maps for BO4 have been an utter disgrace

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How bad can maps get? Look at the releases so far and that’s how bad. The ONLY map that has any sort of flow is Elevation. The rest are utter garbage. 


The maps are just too big for 5v5 or 6v6. 


Madagascar is a tiered mess of convuluted paths with no rhyme or reason, casino is a corner huggers wet dream, Lockup is a map filled with headglitch spots, Masquerade is just a cluster of a mess of twists and turns with one side having a HUGE advantage over the other, and Artifact. Oh my Artifact. This could quite possibly go down as the absolute WORST map in COD history. 


WMD I won’t count as it’s a recycled map from BO1, and literally NOTHING was done to it other than updated graphics and shading. 


Treyarch used to be top notch with their map design, and their DLC maps have always been VERY good, However this go around I’m thoroughly disappointed 

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Most games have done away with charging for map packs and DLC. Black Ops 4 instead charges users for its DLC my bk experience

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Agree 100% I back out of all those maps mentioned and Icebreaker due to the spawn trap crazyness

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