Cod problems and how can they improve

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We all have something we dislike about cod and know how to fix it. Come share

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@Gamingpickle500 wrote:

We all have something we dislike about cod and know how to fix it. Come share

get rid of listening servers, and region lock, thats a start.. ohh maybe don't release a product with so many bugs on not saving data or crashing or what not. I miss the goodold days where gaming companies would pay game testers 2 find these bugs.. Now they just release a half done product full price and let us beta test it till its done.. Gives there employees more work, and they get a bigger save from it.

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For start fix latency for south america, over 150 ms to play blackout, it's impossible to play, i preffer to play PUBG 40ms that play Blackout 150-200ms...

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Dont allow ppl to join matches that are over half way finished. It sucks whichever side your on, if your winning sometimes you get new better enemies, then lose. If your losing that bad the match should end early, making everyone happy. Also being put into a match at the end is literally just wasting my valuable time..


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I personally would like to know if the QA testers for this product actually know how to test a product to breaking point then put into writing said flaws let alone reproduce them 

Ok I understand they get payed to play the game and report general observations and errors but should it fall onto the end user/community's shoulders to point out what should have already been discovered and fixed by said QA testers?

No game is perfect on launch but this instalment of the franchise has taken a hit from lots of directions.

And untill it's rectified I'm staying playing solo games as the entire spectrum of modes on this title needs more help than a third world country 


That's my own personal thoughts tho

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