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I'm in the same boat. Been playing since MH and CoD1. As well, as mutpile platforms over the years. PC, PS and xbox. Not all at the same time of course, i'm not sh**ing diamonds. 


MY observation over years is that on consoles it's defeinatley mostly connection and just plane getting outplayed....sometiems a combo of both. On PC, that's whole other beast IMO. I've seen LOTS of shady and blatent cheating on PC over years. Thats why I just went back to console. Noithing you can do but hope the next lobby has a better host or just plane turn it off and go do something more soothing than rage CoD! 

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Couple things

1) stop camping in popular areas

2) Jumping around corners, the jumper will notice you before you notice them

3) Get to know the common running patterns

4) Stop camping in popular areas.

5) Get good

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The cheating in this game is out of control, do thay think if thay banned the cheats that thay would have no player base left. I've watched replays of players using wall hacks.

@Crimnet wrote:

i have been playing blackops 4 for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest  im over it,

I have never seen so much cheating in a game before, why wont activision do anything!, jitter shotguns everywhere,  how can someone facing the opposite direction to where you are and still kill you while you are shooting them!  (not Lag), speed hackers everywhere.

activision seem like they don't care about  legitimate players by allowing all this,  no one has been banned.

bye black ops 4, hello battlefield.


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I was getting completely owned in a match by one guy and I assumed he was just that much better. At the end, he got best kill (this is Core TDM) and sure enough, he was hip fire killing everyone with the Rampart 17. The last kill, he was getting hit markers on every round when the hit marker was showing way behind the guy he killed. 


You can report people by going to Social after your march (hit triangle) and tab over to Recent Payers and scroll to find their username and report them for cheating. 

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Me to mate. Played a week and can't even get round corners. Like you say people turning a complete 180 and shoot you 1 shot while your shooting at them. I'm fed up with it already.
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