Cant find Team Deathmatch only Moshpit?


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Many won't cry over it because it's infested...

I've nothing against the genuine players, just the ones I pity who ruin a community..

Why you see it as a console v PC I don't know but I've obviously hit a nerve with you..

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I will also not be purchasing any COD titles from here forward.  I've been playing since COD4 and tdm was the only mode I was really interested in.  Taking something away that people have purchased and essentially holding it ransom unless people pay more money for an expansion is the biggest kick in the ***** ever.  Not just gonna stop buying any COD games, but will not buy from this developer again.  I know little kids will still have mom and dad buy these ***** games, but I will no longer give them my hard earned money.  

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I puchased this game with a curtain format. Now it's been changed, forcing me to play somthing I don't want. I will consider this when I do not purchace the next installment

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