Can you guys remove aim assist from call of duty blackout mode? It gives an unfair advantage. Skille

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Remove aim assist from blackout.. it gives shutters that cant aim an unfair advantage. Make them get good at aiming on their own.

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Anything that helps a "bad player" helps a "good player" more. AA is there to counter the lack of precision provided by console controllers, not a conspiracy.
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Yup 100% For console it's required. There's simply not enough control over the sticks like you get with a mouse.

However i'm not sure where this idea of "Aim Assist" is the reason I got killed came from.

Everyone has it on console. If you have it turned off then....that's really on you and obviously you can't aim very well without it.
I have no idea if it exists on PC I'd imagine it doesn't and if it does I feel it'd hinder natural aim with a mouse.

It's not as if AA locks onto peoples heads. It's such an incredibly soft aim assist that will slightly pull on an opponent, the only time I notice it is if someone happens to walk near the person I'm shooting at and it slightly moves the aim of for a split second.

Can't say it "gets me kills" just because it's on. At least from an MP Perspective.
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Does aim assist really help to that extent? I've never played blackout so maybe I've missed out on something...


But, apart from what covers windows and doors, what is a Shutter?

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Don't stand in front of my home! My "Shutters" might have aim assist

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Everybody has that advantage.

It isn't an auto lock feature orile the the ye old games that you only need aim left or right. You will shoot up or down when you need it.

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Im not going to say it gives an unfail advantage to anyone because everyone gets it but I would love if they removed it. My favorite thing about PUBG was that there was zero aim assist. 

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