Bring back the variants back from the previous operations!

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Please bring back all outfits, weapon variants, and camo’s back from the previous operations! Like the GKS unicorn, ICR-7 and name it! People dont get what they missed while bought everything (me, i bought the mystserybox edition) but with not enough time to play i missed the nicest stuff from the first operation and second! And now here i am, i cant open my reserves anymore and i got 95 now.. saying i have acquired all available reserves... not!!!

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That must mean the things you are after are not located in the reserves. I think the best you can hope for now are mkii variants.


They can't bring them back now, even though I would like them to as well. There were players who found the time to grind out those tiers since they were limited time only. To bring them back now kind of makes all of their grinding meaningless, and that would suck for them. I know it's not "fair", but that's the way life is. 

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I'd personally like to see the faces for the characters from Black Ops 3 added, the stuff like the helmets and all that covered the faces also.

Some of the male designs are just really bad.

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