Black ops 4 pass and money grabbing

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First of all I have a question? I am buying black ops 4 and paying extra for the black out mode, zombies, and multiplayer. Will there be extra content that I will have to purchase to be able to play black op4 or use what ever extra stuff there going to add to the game. I am know just hereing is this controversy so yes I am behind or out of the loop but thats becuase I am a husband and father.  Simply put, I will cancel my pre-order and switch to battlefield if that is the case. If I am paying however much up front I am ok with that as long as all the extra stuff that gets added down the road is free. But if there going to charge me for the digital deluxe game and then charge for extra crap after the game I am out. I kind of think of it like Destiny 2, I paid for the digital deluxe version which is more than the game itself but all the extra stuff that they added later was free. I am ok with something like that.


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