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Hello, My name is Nicholas and i am a veteran COD player on PC, And it scares me to think about COD this year because in my perspective it is not going to be good. I am very scared for COD this year, Especially on PC cause there is most likely going to be no playerbase and its sad because im looking foward to BO4 but i will not have anyone to enjoy it with cause anyone and everyone i ask is not buying it this year, And i am not either if something doesnt change and i think that we should all push this change to happen because if you love cod and dont want it to die this has to happen. GET RID OF BLACK OPS PASS, IT IS GOING TO KILL THIS GAME AND FUTURE ONES. You are not going to compete with the new titles with free DLC. Example: Anthem, Battlfield V, Fallout 76. just to name a few, please activision please reconsider and think about the ones who support you and i promise you will make more money and satisfy more people.


~ Sincerely, Nicholas S.

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