Black Ops 4: Weapon Progress and Unlocks LOST

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I lost all my dlc guns in the create a class and my re active camos. Also weapon camp progress. My operator costumes, gestures, face paints ect. Pretty much everything. This sucks please fix this issue. 


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I lost my unlocked weapons and can’t level up existing weapon like the Grav. I’ve been like getting head shots but they don’t seem to count, why? 

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Known bug

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I was on prestige 3 and I had got to level 55 and decided to prestige and I noticed that the game was telling me I wasn’t prestiged so I quit the game and got back in thinking it would fix it but it didn’t so I played some games and got to level 5 so I could create a class and I had lost all my camos. I had gold for the swat, Mog, and vapor, as well as only needing  5 kill streaks on the paladin, and on Technicals for the kn-57.



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I lost my MELE weapon Sword please fix my problem
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