Best headset for Blackout for footsteps direction

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Looking to buy new headset. I was using :

PDP afterglow Xbox One AG9+

but I can never ever pinpoint the direction that footsteps are comming from.. even vehicules... I get hit, spinning around trying to see from what direction it is coming... don't get me wrong.. I hear it loud and clear... but have now clue from where it's coming.

at this point, don't care if it is wired or not.. just want a headseat that will not cost me too much but will help me pinpoint noises directions.


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I asked this same question a few CoDs back, and I'll give you what I consider to be the best answer I received, as I've found it to be true: what works for one, may not work for another. Also, they all do the same thing, which is (obviously) play sound. Don't throw huge amounts of money (unless you're just a gaming whale willing to learn the hard way) at a headset, and be wary of those that make any claim of being tuned differently for gaming. Astros, the expensive Astros with the pre-amp that allows you to increase/decrease things like bass, treble, etc, seem like the best option, but my experience with the entry level version was not very good. They were heavy, made me hot, and felt terrible. 


I have the same issue as you: I can hear the enemy with no issues whatsoever, but I have no idea where they're coming from. Half the time, my own footsteps confuse me. My best matches all came from not using any type of headset, and using no sound. Sometimes, we just suffer from information overload, and freeze. At least, I do. Knowing this has made me a better player because I realize I will never be able to soundwhore. 


To this day, I just run a set of Bose earbuds, plugged directly into my monitor as opposed to the controller, because I have more control over the volume if I can adjust the monitor volume, PS4 volume, and in-game volume. I have finally figured a work around my issue with not having a mic, as well. I can plug my Zoom H2 digital voice recorder into either the USB port on my PS4, or use the line out option on the recorder and run a line from the recorder to the controller. It shouldn't work, but it does.

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There is no the best.

As next to sound quality of the headset itself.

It depends on:

- comfort. If you got glasses, earsize even material of the cups.

- what you can hear. It may be even with the best option available it can be that you just can't hear the direction right.




(And a small note. Headsets are all stereo. As they have just left and right) 

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