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Now I'm all for bringing back weapons like the Ballistic Knife and Crossbow from Black Ops I, but they should be brought back exactly how they were. This is just a new weapon which is basically a bolt action pistol with little ammo. It's not a projectile weapon, it's a hit scan, like every other weapon in the game. What this means, for those of you unaware, is that the bullet (knife) will go exactly where you fire it, exactly when you fire it. Nothing physically moves in game or through the air, it just appears there. With regular guns this works fine because it's firing darn near 3000 feet per second, which is almost instantaneous in regard to human movement, but a ballistic knife fires with roughly the same force as a crossbow, nearing 300 fps. The difference is literally tenfold. You should be able to see the projectile in the air, and you should need to track in front of your enemies in order to get the kill. That was the whole point of tomahawks, ballistic knives, crossbows. That's what made them so difficult yet so rewarding to use, because they require skill and a great sense of where someone will be in the next few footsteps. Unfortunately they brought them back, A, as a DLC weapon (I'm just not fond of those at all), and B, a hit-scan. It defeats the whole purpose and is nowhere near as rewarding as it used to be; it's just another gun. I actually picked up one from a dead teammate, got a kill with it, and realized how easy and boring it was to use. I ended up picking my Maddox back up because the knife was just a gun with less ammo. I really can't think of any reason why they would change the mechanic of the weapon (or any old weapon for that matter), as opposed to just porting the specifications and physics to the new game. That would be too easy. Instead they have to drastically mess with the mechanics and get rid of the whole idea. Good job Treyarch, y'all f*cked up... once again. It seems like second nature to you guys.

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