BO4 Launch Weekend Community Update – 10/14/18

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Happy Black Ops 4 launch weekend! 

Today Treyarch has put up another community update focusing on fixes, issues, and upcoming changes. In particular, they mention PC crashes and spawns, two issues that many of you have brought up here. 

Like we mentioned in the update yesterday, keep an eye out for more posts by Treyarch and we'll share them here as well whenever it is appropriate. Keep the feedback rolling in! 

For now, take a look at Treyarch's post in full below and feel free to check out the source here:


Black Ops 4 - Launch Weekend Community Update

Launch Weekend continues! As promised, we’ve included our first big Zombies balancing pass in today’s update, as well as some additional improvements across all modes. Take a look below.

We’ve made the following changes to the game today (Global):

  • General

    • General stability and crash fixes across all modes.

  • Zombies

    • Gameplay Balancing

      • Increased player health in Casual, Normal, and Hardcore Difficulty in Classic mode by 50 points.

      • Balance adjustment to rate at which players earn points.

      • Balance adjustment to Tiger attacks.

      • Balance adjustment to Hellhounds (spawn radius, speed, and frequency).

      • Balance adjustment to Hellfire Special Weapon.

      • Reduced cost of shield repair and replacement.

      • Resolved an issue where some players experienced a crash in the Laboratory.

  • Multiplayer

    • Create-a-Class

      • Mastercraft camos can now be properly unlocked.

      • Adjusted unlock requirements for the active camo on various Signature Weapons (MX9, GKS, ICR-7, Strife, SG12).

    • Gameplay

      • Prevented Scorestreak kills from counting toward progress in certain Challenges.

  • Blackout

    • Characters

      • Addressed an issue that occasionally prevented players from unlocking Ajax.

We’ve also made the following additional update specific to PC:

  • Blackout

    • Fixed an issue where Trauma Kits would occasionally not work properly.

Here are some of the hot topics we’re currently tracking and/or working on for a future update:

  • PC Crashes

    • We’re tracking a number of these across several different configurations, and the team at Beenox is working to identify and fix these as they come up. Watch /u/TreyarchPC and @TreyarchPC on Twitter for PC-specific Black Ops 4 updates, and please be as descriptive as possible when reporting crashes (for example, “error code Negative 345 Sky Wolf”) and what was happening in the game at the time of your crash. Every bit of info helps the team track and squash these issues.

  • Map Spawns

    • We adjusted spawns in Domination in yesterday’s update, and have seen reports of map spawn issues across other MP modes. We’re investigating these now and will address as necessary in upcoming updates.

  • Progression Issues

    • We’re investigating reported issues where some users have experienced a temporary loss in some progression stats, while others have reported Hardcore wins not counting toward Challenge progression, and/or losing a match already in progress counting as a loss. Our teams are on it.

  • Weapon Camo Issues

    • We’ve seen reports of instances where certain camos can cover up the Optic on your weapon. This is on the list for a fix in the near future.

Please note that the list above isn’t exhaustive, and that we’re tracking everything across this subreddit and the rest of our social channels to ensure we’re constantly prioritizing our focus. Keep your feedback coming, and please let us know what you think about today’s Zombies balancing pass! We’re just getting started.


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why they advertising during nfl games?  My dudes and I can’t play after nfl with no 4 player splitscreen.  I mean we can play BO3 after the game.  But why they acting like nfl parties going to be playing bo4?

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There is actually four player split-screen for Zombies and you can do two player split-screen on Multiplayer & Blackout too. 

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Party menu glitch where party members keep getting kicked out while connecting to server..



- different color icons for party members on your team. 

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My game keeps crashing mate, have the digital version with the season pass on ps4 pro. Should I reinstall the game? Are Treyarch aware of the game crashes? I'm sending bug reports to Sony.

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Just had a crash there, the whole console froze. I had to do a power cycle, that's very dangerous. It can corrupt your whole hard drive, or brick your console.

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Why can't we unlock the zombie characters in blackout? D:

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Some of that may just have secret requirements, but I'd keep an eye out for news from Treyarch about all of that. There is plenty still coming. 

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Fix the spawns on console! WW2 is garbage and yet the spawns on the game are 100x better then BO4.

Spawns are the worst aspect about this game for me right now.. ive gotten killed from behind multiple times. 


I hate running to one side of the map to another and then getting killed from behind or finding out my team is already spawning on the side i just ran to.

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Hey, got 3 freeses in row with the fault code "140706431607688" plese fix it

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