Auger DMR & SDM with red dot / Elo in Blackout

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Dear fellow Call of Duty Blackout fans, 

here’s a proposal for Treyarch to implement into Blackout 


If players in multiplayer can have a wide range of scopes & attachments to add on both the SDM & Auger I feel these guns could be a lot better in Blackout if you could put other scopes onto these guns other than 2x , 3x , 4x or sniper scope 

both the Auger DMR & SDM are really only good at medium range and for the most part throwing a high zoom scope on those weapons only make the recoil harder to control 


i’m not asking to nerf or buff these guns in Blackout as they are already pretty balanced 

the only change I’d like to see is the ability to add both the Red dot sight or Elo sight 


I’m sure others might agree with this small change to the Auger & SDM 


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