Are/Should modded controllers banned?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 General Discussion Forum I just played a game against some guy using an SG12 with a rapidfire modded controller and the game felt extremely unfair, so I was wondering if Treyarch has banned them because if not, I think they should be banned for obvious reasons and I would like to know what other people think as well.

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No. As there are people with disabilities that need custom/modded controllers to be able to play as a person without.


Controller that take advantage of for example a glitch. (That shotgun is a glitch from what I've read/seen)

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As a player I have seen a demo and have tried my friends modded controller , I can't see you're reasoning that they help disabled gamers ? Could you please explain how ? 

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A person that for example is missing fingers.

A controller he can customize so he/she can play as a person with all fingers.

Or a person with one hand, misshaped hands etc etc.


A controller that gives a player an unfair advantage I'm against that.


Sadly mostly it's the same controller.



Edit the term of modded controller is broad.

From controllers where you can change button binding to layout and extra buttons on different spots. (Pedals beneath that can be used instead of byttons on top)

But also that misuse jitter glitch. (For the shotgun)



Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
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I despise them.. Anything other than your genuine basic shop bought 1 button 1 action control pad shouldnt be allowed on casual online gaming network imo but I've already made my feelings on it before...

Saying that, I'd be embarrassed if I had a modded to hilt pad and some kid took me to cleaners with a pad fresh from Argos...
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Modded Controller? Awesome stuff

but this topic should be deleted, no need for noobs to know that this exist. Thanks 

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"turbo" or "rappid fire" settings should be disallowed by the OS of the console. re aranged buttons such as a different shape face or paddles are fine. its like getting a fighting stick/pad for when you play street fighter. 

its worth remembering a pad with paddles and bottion options doesnt always improve the player. i have a dedicated pad for when i play fighting games. its way more comfy to use, and i find it more efficient, but it doesnt make me "better" at the game. come up against someone with better knowledge and i still get battered. 

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Nope ppl who constantly need excuses should be banned.

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Modded controllers, alongside the Titan One and Cronus max USB plug ins, all a bit of a pain,and anyone who says cheating is not possible in this game, yer right,  plenty of boosters in a lot of games, modded controllers using that extra jump,or drop shot,jump shot, the latest one where they swerve to the left of to the right, try doing that on a normal controller, seen a lot of players running at incredible speeds in games, i have tried evey possible set up to do the same when i was doing the knife challenge, no such luck ,so it obviously some kind of downloadable cheat from the USBs,

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You actually think that a modded controller is going to increase your speed ? 🙈 

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