Aim Assist for Snipers on Console BO4

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I'm on your side, with the arrival of Tactical Rifles, sniper has become soooooo useless....

Its a shame that peaples thinks its too op to have aim assist on sniper when you have the auger DMR with aim assist and approximatly same dommage as the outlaw... 

Big feels bad on that side. 
Take Bo2 as an exemple, sniper were patch but still usable because of aim assist.
Since ghost the sniping community just dropped and thats a shame because it was so big in call of duty.

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Snipes get better hit boxes



if you’re doing chAllenges, its gonna be annoying


if you’re looking to be PRO sniper


go paladin double HC


it makes paladin pro



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IS this a joke??? Snipers are so FFFFFIIIING OP as it is and you also want aim assist? 

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I've had no trouble getting kills without aim assist on the snipers. Frankly I think they should take aim assist out entirely. I'm not 5, i don't need training wheels. I do think the snipers should do more damage for body shots though. I hit some guy in the neck the other day for 39hp with the Outlaw, lol.
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I'll 1v1 you and I'll use a sniper.

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I thought without aim assist the snipers would be super ***** to use but I like it .

and takes time to get use to . What I hate about this ***** game is that after using snipers non stop and getting murdered millions of times to get good it this piece of ***** company decides to nerf the snipers to an unplayable level . 

Taking the fun out of the game for me , it’s so boring and repetitive using the lame ass subs and ARs 

if you lot don’t like the snipers why add it in the game ?

iv practised hours to get good and adding all this new ads sensitivity and beefing the snipers is just killing the game for me even more -

and if you don’t put aim assist with the snipers why make it so that when we’re being shot at we flinch so badly we can’t do anything .

also this 9 out of 10 ratio of being killed from behind constantly, such a horrific game I just want to slap the makers in their faces

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The snipers are the only weapon without aim assist, it has increased flinch when shot, The snipers we’ve been given is probably the worst sniper selection we’ve had in call of duty. 


Its quite clear they are trying to eliminate quickscoping. Which is ridiculous because their biggest content creators are snipers. 


There res is nothing balanced about the snipers right now. Not when you have the auger that can 2 shot kill people with the mobility of an AR. Or a swordfish that one bursts you. BUT YET, The snipers can’t even have aim assists. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST CALL OF DUTY. Period.

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snipers are one shot noob cannons that should have more nerfs, not less.

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Dude... I know this is old. But I completely feel you.  The general players will never understand what it takes to be a great sniper. I guarantee that if aim assist was removed from the game as a whole, they would claim be. But no..they say we are the unskilled ones. The stats prove it entirely and always have. Unfortunately, people like you and I will always just have to deal with the shlubs being upset and not looking at the facts. At this point I believe its more beneficial to just move to pc where aim assist is removed in general to everything.

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"The General Players will never understand"

As a "general player" who has never set up a sniper class in ANY of the cod's..(pretty much all) I'd love to be educated in what it takes to be a "great sniper".. Id love to shake off the general player tag and be in your guys league...
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