#AdvancedWarfareMP Twitter Q&A Recap

By AdvancedWarfare4 on August 13, 2014

qa.jpgSledgehammer Games co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield answered fan questions today from Twitter. Here is a recap of the Q&A session:

@Skilledplaya87: #advancedwarfareMP is the new movements in the game a big game changer eg. Sliding to the right or left

"Absolutely. From boost jump, dodge, dash, slide… it’s a fundamentally new movement set to Call of Duty." -@MichaelCondrey

@snipeasaurus: If I pre-order the Atlantis ("Atlas") pro edition will I still get Day Zero access? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"Day Zero comes with all pre-orders on all versions of the game, so absolutely! See you on November 3." - @GlenSchofield

@DarkShadowZer0: Do you guys  ever think about doing a esports DLC camos? and if not why cant you  #GC2014

"Yes, we think about eSports camos." -@MichaelCondrey

@SRCH269: what do you think fans would really like about this game besides the new exosuit?

"It's about the Advanced Soldier - virtual lobby, character customization, create-an-operator, Kevin Spacey… Take your pick!" - @GlenSchofield

@Mav225: where can I get a advanced warfare shirt? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"I'll send you @GlenSchofield's. Though you might have to cut it in half to make it fit." - @MichaelCondrey

@Mrosko89: where did the inspiration of the Exo suit come from? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"It came from research on the soldier of tomorrow and the U.S. Military's Future Force Warrior program" - @GlenSchofield

@Jake_3agles: how will the ranks work? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"XP progression exists as you know it. Supply Drops, our loot system, adds even more rewards and customization options." - @GlenSchofield

@northtoronto15: how does one earn supply drops? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"Through time played and challenges completed. You can also earn them from campaign and co-op." - @MichaelCondrey

@StlrJimbo8: will the "Day Zero" edition be available on Playstation 4? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"Absolutely!" - @GlenSchofield

@hippilan: are there only 7 scorestreaks in the game or will some more be released? #AdvancedWarfareMP

"More scorestreaks. More scorestreak modules. You'll have to wait for November 4 to see them all." - @MichaelCondrey

@MichaelCondrey: question for #AdvancedWarfareMP Q&A - "why is @GlenSchofield so mean to his kind and charming partner"

"Mean? I fill his life with joy, happiness, and purpose." - @GlenSchofield


Thanks everyone for taking part in the #AdvancedWarfareMP Q&A! Stay tuned for more info from gamescom 2014.

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