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Wii U user are experiencing stats reset


Many user on the Wii u are experiencing stats reset when play online multiplayer. It happen to me so many times.

Everytime the match is over my level will be between 2-3 then I be waiting at the lobby for 10 sec (60s) to start the next match then I get disconnected from the server. I come back in and my level will be  1 again with all unlock attachment lock again same with weapon. It does this all the time.

Can somebody from activision do something to fix this?

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Wow I never knew the WII-U version of 007 Legends was faulty. This is really another major setback to the game's reputation.

I have the game for xbox and the multiplayer works perfect. Some games are kind of laggy but I was expecting that and I am used to it from GE Reloaded.

It is an error to do with the development of the servers for the wii. You might have to contact the company to get it fixed... I am not sure what to do in this situation.. That's why I play xbox and playstation cos the consoles never let you down for online play! Smiley Surprised

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Good news, Activision do care about 007 community because xp reset glitch is fixed. random disconnection from the server no longer happen. The turning speed from the option is now more sensitive before let say putting on 10 was ok now 5=10 these changes is great for those that want to snipe.

Now I can really enjoy this game!

Activision should have post a patch of changes and fixes here on the forum and acknowledge the issue sooner.

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the problem is NOT yet wii u is up to date and i am still having stats reset and lost connection almost after every wifi is at full strength without any problems..EXCEPT for this game..activision needs to fix this or i'm returning my's pointless..if anyone has any fixes please let me know..i've levelled up to level 6 like 10 times now..

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Hmm... What type of Wii u do you have a basic or deluxe set?

Are you from USA? Or Europe?

Did you just brought the game, wii u and did you just created nintendo network?

I don't know doing this would fix your issue but i haven't experience stats anymore but I tell you what did before.

I have basic set I got 007 as a chrismas present on first week everything seem fine my stats didn't reset but I was frequently getting disconnected from the network. Then like a week later my stats started to reset only happen after I get disconnected. I thought maybe network does not store information over internet so is something to do with auto save feature not working on multiplayer mode so what I did everytime I get disconnected I will go to option and modify the option because it automatically auto save every time anything is change. Doing that did not fixed my problem so I went to miiverse and ask if anyone else was experience this? No one had this problem at all. Regardless I kept playing mp couple time 10 stats reset in total then I went to this forum and post this issue I also share url link on miiverse because by that time I found out another individual was also having the same issue. I encourage other to post on this forum to let activision know the issue.

I stop playing 007 for week.Players on miiverse were asking if they should get blops 2 or 007 I told them about the glitch that 007 legends has on mp with stats reset. Someone post  say that never happend on ps3 or xbox 360 so in last hope I log in online I notice right away that nintendo network was loading faster. I still have a little hope that it was fix then i join team death match leveled up once the match  finish I was at lobby waiting 60 sec to start usually by 20 sec I get disconnected but I didn't. I quit mp to go to main menu to see if glitch will happen again. I went back to mp mode and seen my level did not reset I also notice that before I had max setting on turning sentivity but it was stiff but now having max out you can turn 720 less that a second.

Now i'm at level 30 and no stat reset so thats why I thought activision may have fix it and updated turning speed.  Also I don't get disconnected when I leave team death match to play other mode.

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Registered: ‎06-07-2012
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