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When will the competition begin?


When will all the unlocking and prize competitions start? I know the villain one starts Tuesday, but what about everything else?

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Registered: ‎27-04-2012

i think what it means is that Tuesday will be the start of the contest etc.. In which the "in game likeness" will be the start then more contests will follow after that date.

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I created my own villain of Boli Enthusia because the man was a hitman with a Golden Desert Eagle & he's immortal & uses his stolen MI6's grabbling hook watch to climb up like Venom did.Boli was created by his brother David for an ultimate villain.

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i created a character named shane garrett who is ex military who got discharged for not following military procedures and killing innocent bystanders, he was detained by u.s. officials and military personel who broke out of custody and escaped to the u.k where his path got crossed by james bond and the mi6. now on the radar of "m" and british secret services he now finds himself preparring for war.

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