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WWII memory error 15 609 zombies


What's going on I've did everything that you can ask restarted redownloaded clear cache clear save data didn't play with the starting guns reset modem master reset console redownloaded game twice an yet memory 15 609 error keep popping up help fix please


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Registered: ‎21-07-2016

I've done everything as well even reset my system to factory settings losing everuthing. But the error continues. Getting really frustrating 

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Registered: ‎12-08-2018

I have the same problem I’ve complained to Activision they said they will escalate it but I doubt anything will change but it’s clearly a problem with the game itself because I did exactly what they said clear cache I re downloaded the game still won’t work I managed to get 1 whole game after doing all that then the same problem happens every time and will persist to happen until Activision fix this issue

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Registered: ‎18-09-2018
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