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Thoughts on 007 Legends half a year on..


It has been approximately 8 months since the release of 007 Legends on October 18th. I was so genuinely excited for the release of this game, and I did actually enjoy some parts of the game. However I have completely changed my opinion of the game for many reasons.

I played the game today for the first time this month and I didn't really find it enjoyable as I used to. I even resorted to playing Blood Stone and Goldeneye Reloaded! Now that's saying something....

I recently did a review on the game and overall I rated it a 7/10.. Now I would probably rate it a 5.5 or 6. Don't you feel that if the game was to be released at the end of this year, it would be so much better?

Points of improvement for 007 Legends:-

- The story line which links all 6 of the Bond missions is terrible. The cut scenes need a huge improvement... It moves so rapidly from one location to another. For example when Tracy Bond dies it is supposed to be such a tragic moment..(It made me cry in the actual film!!) but in Legends every cut scene is so forced and throws in random Bond moments. It just doesn't work.

- Textures and graphics need to be improved. Graphics never really bother me in a Bond game, however it is 2013... If the developers want to even try to compete with other video games on the market good quality crystal clear graphics, textures and colors is a good place to start..

- Multiplayer... There were too many connection errors however I did manage to get to level 50.

- Killing the villains was such a big excitement when I saw all the trailers... But the "analog button" system is so tiresome and boring in my opinion. It's too repetitive which is why I like the death of Patrice in the the Skyfall mission because we actually get to shoot him!

- The DLC is terrible! Only Shanghai and Istanbul are the locations we go to.. What about the fight in London? The Underground would have been such a great location, so would the courtroom shoot out. There is no Silva in the game... We don't even get to go to Skyfall in the end.. Also we don't get to go to Silva's lost island!  This annoys me so much that the developers were so lazy and included missions that don't even cover half of the film's plot.. What a shame. This is just a marketing technique to make the gamers think they are getting a "HUGE" free DLC that is "vital" to the plot of the game.. So misleading!

- DRIVING MISSIONS! The driving sections are so boring to be honest. they are far too short. The game which handles the driving missions the best is definitely Blood Stone.

Overall the game isn't that bad.. It's just the game feels so rushed to get it on the shelves for the release of the Skyfall film in cinemas.. The developers cut corners so many times and the game doesn't come close to providing a good gaming experience such as Nightfire and Goldeneye Reloaded.

I will continue to upload discussions and comment on the site every now and then! Also I will continue to play 007 Legends but I will mostly be playing the older, and admittedly better Bond games!

What do you think about 007 Legends today? Did it meet your expectations?

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Would've been 8/10 if it wasn't for the awful boss fights and the stupid punching with the analogue controllers. For that reason alone, I'd rate it 5/10

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Oh, and the skyfall dlc... That was just pure garbage!
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