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Skyfall (Istanbul) - Secondary objectives



I've almost reached 100% completion on all of the levels. The only thing left is completing the Skyfall (Istanbul) level on hardest difficulty. To do that, and reach 100% completion at the same time, I have to complete 2 secondary objectives.

1. Find intel on Patrice. Easy. Found it inside the room where the level starts.

2. Destroy the enemy's weapon caches. This is where I'm stuck.

Bond has to find and destroy 5 weapon caches. So far I've just found three.

The first is to Bond's left when he drops to the ground after his travel across the wire, using his gun.

The second is on the third roof you get to. After climbing the ladder, and walking across the little "bridge" between the two rooftops. In the top right corner of this roofsection is the second cache.

From the second cache, turning aroung and walking on the top of the tallest part of the roof - about halfway from where Bond slides and drops down to the roof below. There is the third one I've found so far.

Has anyone else found the last two?

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Registered: ‎20-05-2012
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