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*Skyfall Box Office Update* Over ONE BILLION dollars made worldwide!


Skyfall is still currently in cinemas and has taken over $1 billion US dollars worldwide! This makes the film the most popular and most successful Bond film ever, even adjusted for inflation.

Skyfall's achievements:

-It is currently the 14th highest grossing film EVER!

-It is the highest grossing film in the UK making over £100,000,000! Overtaking the old record James Cameron's Avatar.

-It is Sony pictures highest grossing film.

-Skyfall has won several awards and has been nominated for many others. (including Golden Globe award)

The film will probably make more than 30 million from selling DVD's as well. It is so good to see a 50 year old franchise have so much support. I am glad James Bond is getting awards and recognition to the cast and crew who make truly magnificent pieces of cinema history. I would never of thought any Bond film would surpass 1 billion mark!

Only 14 films in film history have grossed more than a billion, and Skyfall is now one of them. Here are some articles on this remarkable achievement:

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-Skyfall is now the 11th highest grossing film of all time. It will probably surpass this and hit the top ten as it only needs another 10 million to overtake Pirates Of The Caribbean.

- The film has made $1,033,254,729

-Adele won a Golden Golden Globe award for best origional song.

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*Update* JULY 13'

Skyfall has now made $1,108,561,013 since it's cinema release in November!

- It is now the 8th Highest grossing film of all time

- Won 2 Academy Awards for best song and sound editing

- Won Golden Globe Award for best song. Tom Newman won for best music.

-Nominated for many awards including Saturn, Empire and British Academy Film Awards.

The following cast who received awards:-

- Daniel Craig for best actor in an action movie.

- Javier Bardem for best actor in a supporting role.

- Judi Dench (Nominated) for actress of the year in supporting role.

Sam Mendes won for best directing. I wonder if Sam will return to direct the next Bond film, Bond 24? I think he most definitely should return due to his great success and talent directing, organising and absolutely outstanding approach to the film. It has the right balance of action scenes and storyline/location.

The film is a good comeback from Quantum of Solace that's for sure!

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