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Review Of 007 Legends


Firstly sorry for the delay and lack of discussion recently on the site! I have played 007 Legends for well over 24 hours total playing time so I feel as if I can now give an honest and reliable review of the game as a whole. I will review each part of the game (MI6 OPS, Campaign, Multiplayer, DLC and extras)

-Campaign Game Mode-

I got really excited as soon as I put the disc into the tray, I hoped for an awesome Bond gaming experience. Eurocom did do an excellent job... But it lacks a couple things that let it down.

I have to admit it... The campaign isn't that great. I really enjoy the Bond moments when the theme tune is playing and you play exciting and iconic moments. However, it doesn't feel right being Daniel Craig in classic films that should feature the original actor's who played 007 at that time. It just feels rushed and as if they have randomly thrown in iconic Bond moments and mixed them all together.. It just feels weird moving on from Goldfinger to OHMSS still being Daniel Craig..

The missions are repetitive, for example in all 5 missions (excluding dlc..)you have to do the same boring boss fights, examine the villain's office etc... It gets really repetitive. Although the gadgets are AMAZING!! But the smartphone mini-game is really annoying... The new xp system in the campaign is actually really good, I like how you get to change weapon attachments, unlock upgrades and bonuses etc... Just like the older Bond games!

The Skyfall DLC is actually really quite good, the boss fight stands out from the other boring usual ones. It is a shame we didn't get to play through London in the DLC.. And then defeat Raol Silva

As a whole, I would overall rate the campaign a 7/10. I would rate it higher if it wasn't as repetitive and they actually made more levels for each mission... Despite this, the done a really good job re-imagining the Bond films and you do get a buzz from playing it. The best missions are in my opinion: Die Another Day, OHMSS and Moonraker!! I love Moonraker at the end when there is zero gravity, it definitely reminds us of *Nightfire!!!*


They aren't really something I play that often in Goldeneye Reloaded, But in 007 Legends the MI6 OPS are absolutely perfect! You get to be Bond and play as the villains. For example you get to be Odd Job raiding Fort Knox. I currently have all the stars for each challenge. It took me a while but I got there! They are a good challenge and they are something you can always go back to once you have finished the campaign.

I think the MI6 OPS are better than GE Reloaded and a big improvement. I would rate them a 8.5/10. If the stealth system was better it would be a 9.5...!!


The multiplayer is again Laggy at times, but it has improved A LOT from Goldeneye. The guns are better and more powerful, the melee kills instantly and I can find a match fairly quickly. My major complaints would be the Host migration which increases the Lag. The Legends mode is very good, you get to pick your favourite Bond character and play them! I usually choose Gustav Graves or Scaramanga. Now and then I use the new characters such as Eve as DLC I got.

Overall I would rate the multiplayer a 7/10. If the lag was reduced even more and more players are available, It would definitely be a 8.5 or maybe even a 10...!! I am currently rank 40 and I have played for 13.5 hours. The split screen mode is also very good, it has improved again from GE.


Overall I would say 007 Legends is a great game. It's just some of these minor errors that are very noticeable such as the repetition in Campaign, Lag in multiplayer etc... These just make the gaming experience even worse.

I will be playing the online component until the servers die down. I will also regularly play the Campaign and get all the collectable's. Eurocom have done a good job, but they should have added in more levels, fixed the lag, made the boss fights more interesting and released the Skyfall DLC later to add in a Raoul Silva boss fight...

I love 007 Legends and I have really been enjoying it, I will rate the game overall as a whole: 8/10. I think it is a great experience with a couple disappointing errors in it. I think 007 Legends graphics, multiplayer, guns, gadgets, villains etc.. Have improved from GE reloaded.

What do you think? Do you agree with my raiting? Leave a comment/discuss!!

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I agree. My favorite missions were Moonraker, Die Another Day and Licence to Kill. They were AWESOME!!!!! but honestly the best mission is Moonraker. In multiplayer I take Scaramanga, Red Grant, Jaws or Oddjob, but mostly Scaramanga.

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Yes, very good choices! I do like Licence To Kill, but I totally hate the critical stealth area that took me ages to complete! Yes,I love it how they went all out and made Moonraker one of the finest and polished missions. It's the best one probably because it's the first one they developed... Yes, I love scaramanga for the Golden Gun!! I also like Odd Job as well

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Ah, aaron007's review has arrived! And what an unusual review it is: not one comparison with COD to be seen. Good.

I think I agree with pretty much everything you've written, though my scores would be sterner. It's plain to see that Eurocom started with the Moonraker mission, which is why it's so much longer and more developed than the rest. Regrettably for all, they did not have enough time left to flesh out the rest of the other missions, otherwise we could've have a great game here.

aaron007 wrote:

I will be playing the online component until the servers die down.

Be careful there. It's been over 4 years since QOS released and matches in Team Conflict can still be readily found. (If only Bond Evasion could have lasted so well..)

Thank you for the review. With Eurocom now defunct, it's up in the air as to whether the next Activision studio will incorporate the successes of 007 Legends. If it turns out to be Treyarch, I'm hoping for another QOS experience but this time with gadgets, cars and more character interaction. Whichever studio it is, the next Activision Bond game will decide Activision's 007 legend.

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Haha! Yes, thank you for reading   No, I tried to resist comparing 007 Legends to any other game apart from GE Reloaded because I feel as if it has many unique features it doesn't feel like a replica of any other game.

Yes I do agree, I was very generous with the scores but I didn't want to give it a way to low or high raiting. I mostly based the scores on the improvements from Goldeneye reloaded. Yes, exactly! I think the Moonraker mission is a great conclusion to the game without Skyfall.

It is a shame.. Eurocom seemed to be rushed and randomly picked out all the "best moments" from each film and all the boss fights. They are really repetitive and boring to be honest.. We got a change in the Skyfall mission where we could actually shoot the villain!

I mean I will be playing the online till hardly anyone else plays it. I should re-word it to that! I sometimes play QOS now and then and you are right, you can join a game with about 4+ players in it easy. This is because QOS sold more copies than Blood Stone and the other Bond games? Am I correct about that? According to wikipedia it sold over 5+ million copies?

No problem, I hope I made it clear what the pros and cons are of 007 Legends. You have to remember that this isn't a bad game or a complete disaster, it is just rushed and has Bond moments thrown in everywhere which just doesn't work.

I hope you do get the game at some point, you will get something out of it!  it is really fun playing the campaign and online. OOOHH! That reminds me another con of the multiplayer is that there aren't any maps for OHMSS, Moonraker or Skyfall... Which does kinda suck /: It would be great to have a multiplayer map in Blofeld's lair in Switzerland!! But that's too bad..

I would actually quite like Treyarch to take on the challenge of making another Bond game, they done a great job of the efficient and effective cover system in QOS. Also they made a good campoain, online multiplayer and graphics. If I was to rate 007 Legends on a list from best to worst in Bond games it would be in the middle. It isn't anything spectacular or anything really bad... It's just... Average!

007 Legend will provide me with a fix for the next couple of year(s) till the next Bond game comes out. Thanks for commenting!

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Here are the figures for the combined PS3 and Xbox 360 sales of Activision's 007 games, from VGChartz:

Quantum of Solace2,450,000
Blood Stone970,000
GoldenEye Reloaded1,010,000

007 Legends (as of 8 Dec)


What a difference between QOS and Legends! The least Bond-like game is also the most successful. Although Eurocom had plenty of good ideas and concepts, they simply lacked the ability to execute them into a game that performed well.

I do hope that Activision will attempt another 007 game before their contract finishes. And not just any old title either; I'm hoping for their best Bond effort, that they can end their tenure on a relative high.

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This is rather disappointing. There has been a big downfall trend in the sales till Goldeneye Reloaded. Quantum Of Solace was a big success, probably because more money was spent advertising the game. I would like to see Treyarch take on the challenge of another Bond game again.

Good comment. They have such good designs and concepts but although it sounds good on paper, it just didn't work as a whole. Bond moments all mixed up in one game is a bit overwhelming and hard to take in. When I saw all the trailers for the game I thought they looked so good and fun, which they are but they don't bring that feeling of a good Bond game. There are too many flaws.

Yes well I don't think we will be seeing Bond in a Video game for a while... The low sales they will be afraid to go large scale with it as they didn't make a big profit. Although the success of Skyfall is very clear - The current figures are nearly ONE BILLION US Dollars!! Also it is the highest grossing film in the uk.

Anyways, I hope you and anyone else reading has a good Christmas! I think I might watch OHMSS tonight to fit in with the "Christmas" mood

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