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Random Skyfall discussion


Ok, strangely enough, I heard QoS theme on the radio and it just hit me that the lyrics suit Skyfall. it's pretty strange but listen to the words carefully.

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I don't like Another Way To Die at all, I think it is an awful song made for a... awful movie. I think Quantum Of Solace is such an insult to Ian Flemming's James Bond 007 because it includes everything that is NOT Bond. No gadgets, No memorable villains, No Bond puns/jokes, No Q, No Moneypenny, Gunbarrel un-necessarily at the end (CR and SF get away with it cos it makes sense) and it has a boring plot.

I love the game, but just not the film. I have to admit though... Some of the action sequences are really cool for example when Bond and this Bodyguard are on the ropes and the car chases. That's about all I like. Oh I forgot to mention the terrible camera angles and the speed of the filming. I know the camera angles are supposed to be fast, but some of the scenes last milliseconds!

Anyway.. Back to the point some of the words might make sense to Skyfall.. But I prefer the song Skyfall by Adele it is a beautiful song and just works so well in the opening title sequence. Skyfall is a brilliant piece of British cinema and has smashed Box Office records not only in the UK, but in the worldwide box office.

I am amazed and stunned that a Bond film has finally broke the one billion dollar barrier. A 50 year old franchise is still stronger than ever before. James Bond is currently the 2nd highest grossing franchise. Another film and it will re take the top spot from Harry Potter. But adjusting to inflation it is still the highest grossing franchise in cinema history!

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Me too!

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Registered: ‎21-03-2012
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