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Quantum of Solace


Hello fine people at Activision,


I amongst others have a new problem with Quantum of Solace on the PS3, it seems that Lobbies can be made, private matches can be played, but online match making no longer functions as it used to.  I understand that motivation to keep these titles going may be close to zero, but many have expressed concern with the latest outages with the multiplayer component in Bond games.


Would you kindly see if a simple reset on the matchmaking service will allow us to play online once more?  There is a sizable community hoping that you can, and would be forever grateful for any response at all.


In the past other publishers have responded positively to requests such as this to keep online services rolling.  I am optimistic and hope Activision will as well.

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Registered: ‎27-10-2016

Dearest Activision,


Please reset the servers as we have a group of players who would love to be able to play online again!


I was disappointed that Bloodstone had the leaderboards taken down and now the platinum is unobtainable for that title. So please dont close QoS servers aswell.


Hopefully this issue is fixed for us gamers!


Thank you



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Please Activision, pls reset the servers of this game... James Bond never dies so please let us continue for longer...
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I completely agree with BlackJudas. There is still a sizable community that is dedicated to Bond games. A large portion of customers has bought a game a while back and never fully played through all of the features, such as certain game modes in online multiplayer, for instance. As far as I can tell, there were never any clear communication whether certain services are to be discontinued and therefore majority of still active players are just simply unaware that they cant use the full product anymore. If there is a technical issue, please kindly respond with an answer or explanation. It is confirmed that online matches are possible with private invitations, but not everybody can amass a group of 4 to 8 people to play.  That leaves out the fun and enjoyment of just random public online play. In my opinion as a customer, this has always been an important feature, especially with front running Activision titles. I personally own all ever published James Bond titles on PS2/PS3 and Nintendo GameCube/Wii/WiiU. I really hope there will be a continued enjoyment of playing this long running franchise.



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I also support this.  I'm part of that community and it would be great for several of my friends to play this game again. 


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Please bring back the severs for this game.

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seems ok i still need a cheat code

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Please ACTIVISION i love the BOND games i would love PLATINUM on all the Bond games. These games are so good please fix this game so match making works again!

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