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Quantum of Solace



Ok so Multiplayer has been taken down completely on PC. Not surprised could never find a game anyway. Was just wondering if you would release the Quantum of Solace game engine so I could mod it and make some cool things with it. Maybe even bots on MP. As I can still connect to multiplayer mode through tunngle. It would be awesome to add features to this already awesome game. I fell in love with this game on the 360 and ended up buying it on PC. Just cannot find a game editor for it. Theres one for COD4 and I honestly rather have QOS than that game.  As this game is old and I'm sure the QOS engine is copywrited, I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is a big fat no. But thought I would ask because well why not. Figured it was worth a try. Anyways thanks for your time.  Rather you do or don't thanks for making such awesome games! I love almost every game you have released. QOS is going to be one of my all time favorites. Black ops I didn't even have half as much fun as when playing QOS Smiley Wink.

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Registered: ‎06-11-2016
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