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PPK Available as DLC!!!


I think I know why only some people are accessing these DLC packs and others aren't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe everyone who has downloaded the "007", "Nemesis" and "Stealth" packs has done so through the American PS Store.

Yet again it would appear that Activision have treated their non-American customers with lower value. I'm growing quite weary of this treatment and am finding it harder to be sympathetic to a company that plays favourites with its customers.

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Wow. Even as an American, I have to say that's rather stupid and annoying. All of the 007 Legends players should be able to get these. Hopefully they will be available to everyone at a later date.

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He is fu**in right they have all the packs plus a stealth pack, I just downloaded me all

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Is there a way I can get this in UK? I have got a US account but it  doesn't seem to work when I go back on the game. Anyone know how to do it?

Pretty pissed off with activision what with the US getting this first and the shit happening with COD 4

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Do you mean the Walther PPK and DLC packs? Of course you can download them. I live in the UK and I have the download code and it worked perfectly. Look on the Xbox marketplace/PSN/PC and you will find it.

Activision should of just included it in the game without pissing about with all this downloading rubbish. It is unfair for people like you who want it. Keep on trying to search for the DLC.

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True, and for the Wii U owners which Activision support said the PPK isn't available and there is no plans for any DLC. Nice touch.

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I have downloaded it off of the US store but it won't work with my UK copy of the game. If anyone has a copy that they are willing to let me download off their psn account I would be willing to pay for it as Its driving me nuts hunting for it!

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I found it thx

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Sorry but I can't  the way to find the code on my pack is imposible HELP ME someone THX

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