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*My top 10 Bond films and games! Feel free to write your own list!*


Here is my personal list of top 6 official Bond films and Bond games. Remember this is my own list and the films/games are ranked to my own personal taste and for several reasons. Your list might be completely different for different reasons.

My Top 10 Bond films: (In the official series)

1- Goldeneye

2- Goldfinger

3- The Spy Who Loved Me

4- Skyfall

5- Die Another Day

6- You Only Live Twice

7- A View To A Kill

8- On Her Majesty's Secret Service

9- Casino Royale

10-  The World Is Not Enough

You are all going to kill me for placing Die Another Day so high, I know you are! haha! The reason I put it so high is because I can sense the nostalgia as soon as I see it as it was the first Bond film I saw. Goldeneye is one of my favourite Bond films, nearly a perfect masterpiece. All the other films are just such good pieces of cinema and some of my favourite Bond films.

I had to include OHMSS because the action sequences are done to perfection. Bond and Draco invading Blodfeld's lair is one of the finest action sequences in the film in my opinion.The last scene when Tracy dies is such a sad, heart touching scene. When I first saw this scene I was shocked. The only thing that lets the film down is Lazenby's acting.

I really enjoyed Skyfall so much I placed it in my top 5 Bond films ever! The action sequences are perfect, the locations are visually stunning, the music is excellent (Adele!!), there are gadgets, there are funny moments in the film and Javier Bardem as a Villian is so menacing and creepy he is now considered to me as a classic villain!

My Top 10 Bond games:

1- Nightfire

2- Everything Or Nothing

3- Goldeneye (N64 version)

4- From Russia With Love

5- Agent under Fire

6- Quantum Of Solace

7- Goldeneye Reloaded

8- Blood Stone

9- 007 Legends

10- Goldeneye Rouge Agent

This is one of Eurocom's finest games, and one of the highest grossing Bond games.I think Nightfire is the best Bond game because I just love the plot so much! I love the phoinex organisation, the villain Drake is brilliant and the missions are perfect. I love the locations, gadgets and unlocks you can get. The muliplayer is done to perfection! I just love it! It is the first game I ever played and this is how I got into Bond games.

Everything Or Nothing is so close at stealing the top spot, there are excellent driving sequences, it has all the gadgets, good weapons, excellent storyline that include jaws and ideas from previous films. I love it!

I had to include 007 Legends but it has nothing to show off compared to Nightfire, FRWL, QOS, BS, EON...!  I enjoy the concept of 007 Legends, but it has so many flaws it doesn't deserve to even enter the top 8 Bond games. It is really, really average. Fun at times, but it is a bit of a disappointment.

What is your list? is it similar to mine? If so I bet it will be for completely different reasons. I hope you enjoyed reading my discussion.

Feel free to write your own list of top 10 Bond games and films!   Also Happy new year everyone! I hope everything turns out well for 2013.

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Woops.. I don't know why I said top 6 at the start of my discussion.. It's top 10!! XD

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I haven't seen all bond movies I have to get the complete blue ray 50th anniversary edition when I have the money but what I have seen so far is Goldeneye, casino royal, quantum, tommorow never die. From all of those the one I enjoy the most is Goldeneye. haven't seen  skyfall but I do really want to see that one.


Goldeneye 64

night fire

goldeneye 007 Wii


thats all the bond game I have play and top being my favorite.

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Your top film is a good choice! I have to say after seeing every single Bond film probably about 4 times for each of them, I still think Goldeneye is the best film.

I have the Bond Ultimate Edition DVD collection, But I think the Blu-Ray looks so stylish and the quality looks so amazing I have ordered it for £80!! And I have splashed even more cash on a Blu-Ray player just to play them!

But when you get the money to buy the Bond 50th set, It is totally worth it as it is limited edition and they go very fast.

As for your gaming list, I personally think Nightfire or Everything Or Nothing is the best Bond game. I do like GE for the N64 but for an all round gaming experience I think Nightfire is the best.

Thanks for commenting!

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Nightfire for GameCube was my favorite ones hands down.

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Agreed! I think Nightfire is one of, or if not THE best Bond game! I can always remember as a teenager playing the game all the time. Even to this day I still have the urge to play it now and again on the good old PS2.

I just think the game is done so well, especially the maps. The second mission called "The Exchange" where you have to get into the castle has so many different routes to get to the castle.

The game also has:

-Great locations

-Good gadgets

-Bond Girls (Kiko, Alura, Dominique)

-Villian Drake and Rook (Phoinex Organisation)

-Multiplayer with bots is AMAZING!!

I like how they also went all out into making an original storyline which I think is done to perfection. James Bond always has to defeat some kind of Organisation like SPECTRE, Janus, Quantum and Stromberg.

As a Bond fan, I still play Nightfire today because the game is just sooooo good!

Thanks for commenting!

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