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I would also like to see The World Is Not Enough interpreted into a game for the modern era. There are so many Bond elements in the film and it has everything a Bond fan would expect. (Good villains, Henchman, Woman, gadgets, good plot, action sequences,Moneypenny, Q, locations, good funny Bond one liners, Brilliant opening title sequence by Garbage and David Arnold..) UHHH! This film is bliss! Some of it is also set in London with MI6 Headquaters building which is also seen in Skyfall.

The main body of the game should include:-

-  OF COURSE the opening sequence should be the first mission (or two) of the game. There could be separate mission for inside MI6 and the bank where Bond gets King's money and then another mission with Q's fishing boat and the assasn across London. This is a good opportunity to feature all the gadgets on the boat, and possibly the credit card key pick and Q x-ray glasses. What a way to start a bond game!

-  A brand new title sequence for the game could be made with the original song? It would be a nice extra little feature to include to kick off the game.

-  Just like other Bond games, there could be sections inbetween new missions where Q presents the player with new cars and gadgets. There should be unlockables just like Nightfire. (In my opinion Nightfire's unlockable system works the best)

- The ski chase with the air snow machines would be a very fun chase sequence.

- Fight underground with Renard, DR Christmas Jones and bond. This sequence could be timed? Because Renard is trying to move the nuclear bomb asap, Bond chases after it killing guards. He escapes realising it's a trap as Renard leaves a "hidden surprise"

- Casino sequence? There could be a special mission made for the game. Maybe a casino shootout after Elektra's appearance when she best 1 million dollars.

- There could be many bonus missions the don't necessarily completely follow the plot. For example the pipeline there could be a shootout afterwards?

- The ending of the game should of course be around the time when Bond shoots Elektra. There is an opportunity for stealth when Bond gets into the submarine without any guards noticing.

- Finale mission - In the submarine. The player should be able to use all gadgets, all weapons and it should be a long mission with many routes to get to renard and the bomb.

As always in a Bond game like this:

)- Bond tokens should be available

)- Multiplayer with unlockable bots, weapons and characters should be available. (maybe including skyfall characters?!)

)- PIERCE BROSNAN should be BOND. If the game company insists that Daniel should be then main guy.. So be it. But one way or another Brosnan should be unlockable or available.

)- There should be online multiplayer.

)- Bonus missions and extras

What do you think? Is there anything else to add for the plot or extras in the game? All this in writing form makes the game have so many ideas and potential. It is obvious that the developers need to fully plan the Bond game, include all the elements, DON'T rush.. (unlike Legends!) and if something like this goes ahead it will be a very successful game like GE Reloaded.

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