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Moonraker mission announced along with skyfall trailer!


Just announced today may 21st, skyfall trailer has been released along with Eurocom's first trailer of the game 007 Legends! First check it out on sony pictures youtube channel! (

My thoughts on the skyfall trailer are:

- Looks really good with the stunts in the London underground and in Turkey.

- Good choice of locations for example in Shanghai with all the awesome neon lights and adverts, that scene looks amazing! Also there is scenes shot in Scotland and throughout the uk as well as the exotic locations!

- Storyline seems to me that it is great at the moment, but somehow i think it will have too much action scenes and not Bond. We DO NOT want a repeat of Quantum of solace!

Now my thoughts on 007 legends by Eurocom and Activision. They will be revealing each movie they will include in the game each month till it's release in October! My thoughts on Moonraker trailer:

-  AMAZING! I think they have done really well choosing Moonraker as a part of the game because it has all the Bond concepts in it.

- I think the guns look too similar to call of duty but that does not matter because when you buy a game from activision, you know to expect that call of duty feel.

- We now know that it is a first person shooter, which i think personally is the right choice because i really like the Goldeneye feel.

- GADGETS! For any of you who saw my other discussion, I really hoped to see gadgets in the game. In the trailer however, low and behold, THEY HAVE THE SMARTPHONE  -_-  I was a bit disapointed till later on i saw Bond using something on his wrist (a gadget?!) which still has my hopes high!

Overall, I fell as if they have pulled this game off even if they have not added in gadgets or true Bond elements. Moonraker is a fantastic Bond film and Bond fams are finally getting to step into Rodger Moor's shoes! Also, Skyfall looks brilliant as well, mostly because of the action and locations. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

I was origionally going to post this on Ro1sm's discussion but somehow it wouldn't post?! So i just made my own. WOW i just realized that i have just like wrote a whole essay on this going on about some game   :L    But i am really excited for it! Please suggest your thoughts on it and remember to watch it before you comment!

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I am a bit nervous, looks just like Reloaded, which felt robotic. I just hope that they change their trailer style sooner or later. That crazy bond theme in the trailers is starting to get really old, and I want dedicated trailers for stealth (not full gameplay, but little snippits in different spots), gadgetry, splitscreen, and private multiplayer matches WITH BOTS, online multiplayer WITH CLASSIC BONDS MODE AVAILABLE.

Skyfall looks good, but it also seems very different from Casino Royale. I didn't get a whole lot out of the story in the trailer, but I got a good feel for the movie.

If you are worried about the amount of action in the movie, I suggest you watch the Goldfinger trailer. There wasn't actually THAT much action in the movie (it was also great by the way.)

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