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Levels reset on Wii U version



As you probably all know by now, the Wii U version has some problems with the online multiplayer randomly resetting your levels back to level 1. This happened to me loads of times, and at first was worrying, but now its just annoying. It mainly seems to happen when someone who has specialised comes on, and then you and them get reset, or you disappear and someone else takes your name, leaving you as a blank. Anyway, afterwards you come out and you are now level 2 without access to any of your load outs. However, by joining another game, you always regain your levels and it will proceed to show you everything you have unlocked so far. This always worked for me at least, and I try to steer clear of specialised people, although I am now specialisation level 1 myself and have only been reset once this time. Right, sorry about that lengthy description, hope that helps anyone who had the problem, but there's more. My brothers account got reset 4 days ago and as usual he carried on and finished the game to end up as a level 3 afterwards. However, once he left that game and joined a new one, he did NOT regain his levels and is currently level 17, with 997000 ish xp, which means he should be level 50 in about 10 mins, but can't access all of his weapons previously unlocked, so in effect, has had to do the whole thing again. Has anyone else had this problem, and how have you solved it if so? Also, Activision need to do something about this problem - the games been out for 3 months and still no patch? I mean, come on! No wonder you can only find an online game after 4pm, and even then with only 8 players max...anyway, cheers.

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