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I want to see full remakes or...


I have enjoyed every moment of this game (well, of the on-disc content, downloading Skyfall was a waste of time) but quite frankly there wasn't quite enough of a continued storyline for me. I really want to see either a full remake of most movies shown here (Replace Goldfinger with Thunderball or You Only Live Twice, and come on... WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THE SKYFALL DLC???). Also, I really want....

a THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH remake. Seriously, we aren't seeing strong female characters in this game and there aren't many henchwomen or villainesses in games. This is why I enjoy Elektra King's character in The World Is Not Enough. A Bond Girl, who is also the villain. She wants to kill millions to control the oil supply of Turkey. She even keeps kissing Bond to make fun of him whilst slowly killing him. I enjoy the character so much that I want to see the Game remade. Also, with a 51 year legacy. I think that the lines I'm quoting here are worth putting into a game.

Elektra: "I could have given you the world"

Bond: "The world is not enough"

Elektra: "foolish sentiment"

Bond: "family motto"

Come on! You remade GoldenEye, this one is next in line, PLEASE!

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Registered: ‎13-11-2012
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