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How to find ''Wireless Data Link''?



Hi Everyone,

I am having major difficulty in this game. I have tried everything and still cannot go any further . I passed every level (movie) without any problem, and than, I came to Moonraker. Everything goes smoothly until I come to the point where I have to hack those computers. Girl says to me, ''James, you need to find Wireless Data Link and Hack the Computer'' or something like that. I go to first hack point and I hack it no problem, but when I go to second hack point, it blinks RED and not GRAY as it does on the first, and when I use my smartphone, it doesn't pop hack option . I really dont know what to do...

I have collected many things, dont really know if I collected every collectable item, but I have collected USB flash drive, one or two, dont remember. I have restarted 5 times that level and tried again and again and again, and I just cannot pass this point of game.

Please, can someone help me, I was really enjoying while I was playing this game, and was looking forward of going in space , but that will not happen until I pass this level.

It is PC version of 007 Legends, and I am playing it with keyboard.

Thank you all in advance.

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Registered: ‎21-02-2013
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