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A first-person/third-person Hitman type game based on a classic movie, with the original actor, more character interaction, more invironment interaction, not a reimagining of the movie and not a call of duty style game, I like your ideas but some ideas i added in. this would be an awesome game, also vote for which movie you would like to see in my other discussion related to this one. so we could take these ideas, and put them with the movie, send this to activision or treyarch or the creator of hitman absolution. the creators of hitman would make the best Bond game with the best quality in it. but hopefully you'll meet the Bond girls and drink a vodka martini and not always be killing

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in reply to JohnnyBond007

Your idea and concept is very impressive, I can imagine my self playing a game with pure Bond stealth, action, gadgets, Roger Moore's likeness and voice. If they done something like this it would be amazing. Too bad they didn't do it with 007 Legends.

It just feels really weird being Daniel Craig infiltrating Blofeld's lair, or confronting Goldfinger. If they invested more money and time into Legends and made PROPER missions with plenty of levels it would be perfect. Also they should have all original Bond actor's voices and likeness for each mission.

Oh and yes, I totally agree. 007 Legends stealth mechanics are terrible and it is just so much easier to go out all guns blazing..... Which is why the next game they make they should spend more time on the stealth aspect so you actually feel like a spy in the enemies' base.

I would love a game to feature the film "You Only Live Twice" as I think it has one of the most impressive sets built for a film ever. The volcano lair cost more than $1 million to make (costing more to make than DR.NO!) I can imagine a Bond fan/gamer playing and actually enjoying good concepts like this.

I a so glad to see everyone on the 007 Legends site inspired by the films and seeing how classic films could come back alive in a game with modern twists to it. It just needs to be planned, have dedicated developers and programmers that know Bond films and more money needs to be spent on Bond games.

Oh yeah, *SKYFALL UPDATE* The film has now made more than $1 BILLION DOLLARS in the worldwide box office making it (currently) the 14th highest grossing film of all time. ALSO it is the highest grossing film in the UK making more than £100,000,000!!!  Overtaking James Cameron's Avatar.

Skyfall is Sony Picture's highest grossing film to date.

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